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[stp-dev] Intermediate Model Code Contribution

Hi all,

I want just to inform you, that i put in stp svn repository some plugin projects regarding
eclipse stp intermediate model.

Here the list of released plugins, with a brief description:

- org.eclipse.stp.im
 The intermediate model project EMF stuff

- org.eclipse.stp.im.edit
 Generated by EMF

- org.eclipse.stp.im.editor
 The emf editor for im files generated by EMF

- org.eclipse.stp.im.tests
  EMF Generated stuff

- org.eclipse.stp.im.in.bpmn
This plugin realize the transformation BPM->IM ( The transformation is implemented in Java using relying on api from emf bpmn and im model )

- org.eclipse.stp.im.resources

Define a common repository where define resources that could be needed by Intermediate Model
and provide extension point for exporting resources, and importing resources into this respoistory.
At the moment this plugin provide the dialog to manage datasource type resource.
For example, plugins provided by Spagic, will provide exporter and importers of resources for servicemix ( spagic )

- org.eclipse.stp.im.runtime

Define the concept of Intermediate Model Runtime: A runtime define a set of services/service bindings that then we could
drag and drop on bpmn diagram files.

Provide some utility classes so it's possible to define static runtimes, based on xml configuration files.
For example the predefined set of services offered by ESB could be defined in an xml file.

Another exmaple of runtime, could be the set of activities offered by BPEL engine.

BTW it's important to say that xml is only a way to define runtimes, but it's not the unique way, basically
to define a new runtime you need only to write a plugin that use the extension point defined in this plugin and provide
a class that implements the IRuntime interface.

An example of runtime is provided by "org.eclipse.stp.im.runtime.jbi.smx" plugin

- org.eclipse.stp.im.runtime.jbi.smx

Define the set of service/servicebindings offered by servicemix, using the xml configuration file.

- org.eclipse.stp.im.tool.in.bpmneditor

  Extension to the BPMN editor:

- Provided Technology Section in properties view, this section is used to choose a particular runtime for BPMN Pool.

- Intermediate Model View
When you choose a runtime for a Pool the set of service service bindings provided by this, are showed in this view and you could do drag and drop on bpmn

  - Provided Intermediate Model Section:

Once you drag and drop a Service/ServiceBinding on a BPMN element, this will create an annotation on BPMN Element containing the properties this
service/servicebing need to work, in this section you're able to edit the properties defined by a particular service/servicebinding annotation

Obviously any comment is welcome.

*Andrea Zoppello*

*Andrea Zoppello*

Spagic Architect

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