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[soa-dev] AW: SOA article?

Hi Chris, all,

an article about the SOA projects would definitely be a good idea. I would
be interested in supporting such an article, but only the two of us makes no
sense as we are both from the same project :-)

As there is the Open Source SOA Day at the Deutsche Post in Bonn in two
weeks (organized by Sopera), maybe some of the participants of the projects
will attend it? I'm not sure whether I will be able to attend it completely,
but I will definitely try to organize that.
Maybe that might be a good opportunity to discuss such an article directly? 

Especially the story line of such an article is important at the beginning:
are there already some thoughts how it should look like? Did you discuss
such things at EclipseCon? 

I guess it should start with the underlying ideas and parts of the charter
of the SOA IWG? Afterwards, it could dive into some of the projects (maybe
in-line with the tutorial of the STP project last year?). But it should have
one recurrent theme which connects the different projects such as the Policy
editor, BPMN editor, SCA tools, JWT, etc.

Any ideas here?

Best regards,


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Hi guys,

at the EclipseCon, we talked about how we could get some attention for 
the new SOA TLP.
I've talked to Hartmut Schlosser who is the editor of the german Eclipse 
Magazin (http://www.eclipse-magazin.de/, Florian and myself already 
published two articles about JWT) and he would be very interested in an 
article describing the subprojects and the goals of SOA TLP.
Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and 
maybe able to contribute a few lines about your projects,

Best Regards,