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Re: [smila-user] Change of Record/Blackboard interface for Attachments


> any chance of just deprecating the current byte[] related methods, so that the interface doesnât 
> break now, and just have the impls delegate to the new methods? 
> Or would that be too much of an overhead?

I thought of this, but the problem is: currently we have "byte[] getAttachment(name)", which would be the perfect method name for "Attachment getAttachment(name)", of course, and introducing another name now would look strange in the long run. So I was planning to add a method like "byte[] getAttachmentsAsBytes(name)" as a shortcut, so that adapting to the change should be quite easy. For the setAttachment() methods nothing needs to be changed anyway, just added. 

I can also delay the actual commit of the changes to next year, if that would be easier for you. I'm not finished yet anyway (: