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RE: [smila-dev] wiki : proposal to seperate open/WIP concepts andimplemented ones

> confused
at least i'm not the only one
could i get the input (ie a +1) of one of the PLs for this too?
how are we going to edit this area then, as i'm willing to create the framework pages but not move and update all those pages that are affected.

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This „Project concepts and specifications“ section confuses me each time...


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i just marked the page http://wiki.eclipse.org/SMILA/Project_Concepts/Blackboard_Service_Restructured as being implemented to make its state more known for people like me that wander on the page and get confused: hm, this is very similar to the doc? is this old?


this note is a help but to make this even easier I suggest to open a page that holds all concepts/change ideas that are

·         completed

·         open/WIP/in discussion

·         rejected


I also think it is good practice to always link the pages to bug ids and their location in SVN.


what do u think?


an even more far reaching recfactoring of the wiki is to say:


- concepts are 10.000 ft high view of things w/o detail to implementation ( IMO this is I guess how most people will understand this wiki area) and I think some of those page are just that.

- I then I also would create another page "Change and Enhancements Drafts" to hold pages such as my Resequencer and the BBS Restructured page.


plz share your thoughts.


Kind regards

Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH