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[smila-dev] wiki : proposal to seperate open/WIP concepts and implemented ones



i just marked the page http://wiki.eclipse.org/SMILA/Project_Concepts/Blackboard_Service_Restructured as being implemented to make its state more known for people like me that wander on the page and get confused: hm, this is very similar to the doc? is this old?


this note is a help but to make this even easier I suggest to open a page that holds all concepts/change ideas that are

·         completed

·         open/WIP/in discussion

·         rejected


I also think it is good practice to always link the pages to bug ids and their location in SVN.


what do u think?


an even more far reaching recfactoring of the wiki is to say:


- concepts are 10.000 ft high view of things w/o detail to implementation ( IMO this is I guess how most people will understand this wiki area) and I think some of those page are just that.

- I then I also would create another page "Change and Enhancements Drafts" to hold pages such as my Resequencer and the BBS Restructured page.


plz share your thoughts.


Kind regards

Thomas Menzel @ brox IT-Solutions GmbH