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Re: [rmf-dev] proposal for simplifying git repository structure

Committers of the RMF project,

I will start merging the existing repositories into a new repository /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.rmf.git this weekend.
Please push your modifications into the "old" repositories until this evening.

The "old" repositories will be kept until we have verified the content of the "new" repository.



PS: a bugzilla for merging the repositories has been created

Am 30.01.2012 um 15:14 schrieb Mark Brörkens:

Dear all,

I did some experiments on how we can merge the repositories. Pseudo code see below.

It is really simple:

(0) Make sure that all development branches of 'old' repositories are merged into the master. 
(1) create the new Eclipse repository org.eclipse.rmf.git
(2) clone the new repository
(2) clone the old repositories
(3) now you should have the following folders
(4) cd org.eclipse.rmf
(5) git fetch ../org.eclipse.modeling.rmf.core ; git merge FETCH_HEAD ; git push origin master
(6) continue with the other repositories

done :-) 

regards mark