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Re: [rmf-dev] proposal for simplifying git repository structure


let me introduce myself. My name is Juan C. Flores and I work as a software developer at itemis. In my current project we will use RMF and as Mark mentioned we think as well that the several git repositories should merge to one single repository 

I am of the same opinion as Mark.

Different gits are required for other kinds of  categorization, for example for older versions, or specially customized versions, or what ever.


Am 27.01.2012 um 13:17 schrieb Mark Brörkens:

> Hello RMF developers,
> while working with the RMF source code I found out that the current separation of the code into 5 git repositories produces quite some overhead and might lead to inconsistencies within the overall RMF code. Thus I propose to merge the 5 repositories into a single repository.
> What do you think? Any objections?
> Any experience on how to merge git repositories? It is important that we keep the change history.
> regards,
> Mark
> PS: some details
> (1)
> Current situation:
> The RMF code is separated into 5 git repositories:
> /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.modeling.rmf.core.git
> /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.modeling.rmf.core.reqif10.git
> /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.modeling.rmf.core.rif11.git
> /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.modeling.rmf.core.rif12.git
> /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.modeling.rmf.pror.reqif10.git
> (2)
> Some thoughts about the current repository structure:
> * initial setup of the development environment takes some time
> * many development activities do not only affect a single repository. I often need to push to more than one repository.
>  This takes time and overall consistency of the code needs to be ensured manually.
> * The repositories are quite small. Thus, there is no need (yet) to separate them due to performance or memory consumption reasons
> * Setting up automatic builds is more complex since the checkout procedure needs to be repeated for each repository
> (3)
> Proposal:
> I think we should merge the current repositories into a single new repository and remove the old repositories.
> /gitroot/rmf/org.eclipse.rmf.git
> (4)
> Further reading and thoughts about repository granularity can be found at
> [1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=345471
>     (In short: it is a good practice to have a single repository per project)
> [2] http://git.eclipse.org/c/
>     (an overview over existing git repositories)
> (5)
> Does anybody know how to merge git repositories? 
> It is important that the change history is merged into the new repository.
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