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Re: [rdf4j-dev] Newer Lucene Version

Hi Andreas,



Thanks for the research, IMHO an upgrade would indeed be useful.


And indeed, Elasticsearch 2.4 is EOL as well (https://www.elastic.co/support/eol)

There was at least one similar issue on elasticsearch a few months ago (https://github.com/eclipse/rdf4j-storage/issues/18),

and some discussion on this list on Lucene and Elasticsearch versions (https://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists//rdf4j-dev/msg00400.html)



Any experience in upgrading existing Lucene 5 installations to 7.x ?

If I read this correctly, one should reindex the data, and skipping a major version does not seem advisable



âRe-indexing your data is considered the best practice and you should try to do so if possible.

However, if re-indexing is not feasible, keep in mind you can only upgrade one major version at a time.

Thus, Solr 6.x indexes will be compatible with Solr 7 but Solr 5.x indexes will not be.â



Maybe a two-step approach would be better ?

I.e. first upgrade to Lucene 6.6 /  ElasticSearch 5.6 (supported until March 2019), then to 7.x in another RDF4J release ?



Best regards




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in our new company we have more strict security guidelines w.r.t open source software.

The lucene version that is currently bundled with RDF4J (i.e. lucene 5.x) is EOL, same for solr (and probably elasticsearch). The current stable is 7.3.0 (or 7.3.1).

How are the policies with an upgrade of these 3rd party components? Could this be done in a 2.4.0 release?

I have done an evaluation of the update. Quite a bit of Lucene API replacements required, but looks pretty dsave. The only thing that I could not solve so far is the update of "elasticsearch", which fails in maven with a "bytecode enforce check" on log4j

[INFO] Restricted to JDK 1.8 yet org.apache.logging.log4j:log4j-api:jar:2.9.1:compile contains META-INF/versions/9/org/apache/logging/log4j/util/ProcessIdUtil.class targeted to JDK 1.9

Any ideas on how to fix this?

If we are ok to get the work on an upgrade started I could upload my change as a pull request.