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Re: [ptp-user] MPI_COMM_WORLD woes ** Indigo vs. Iuno

On Friday, April 20, 2012 12:00:09 Christoph Pospiech wrote:
> Hi,
> I am just trying to convince a current development build of Iuno to accept 
> MPI_COMM_WORLD (as defined in mpi.h) as a valid part of the MPI parallel 
> program.
> I have a simple *.c file, created a git repository out of that 
> (git init; git add .; git commit), opened a new eclipse workspace
> (directory  was empty before) and imported from git as general project.
> Then I did New->"Convert into C/C++ Project", ticked "C project",
> "Executable"  and "gcc toolchain" - and the build failed, complaining, it
> can't find mpi.h. No surprise, I thought. I opened Properties->C/C++
> Build->Settings and switched the compiler and linker name from gcc to
> mpicc. Then the build was successful. Then I opened the *.c file in the
> editor - and all occurrences of MPI_COMM_WORLD were flagged as an error.
> I then opened Properties->C/C++General->Paths and Symbols->Includes, but 
> /usr/lib/openmpi/include was already there. That was indeed a surprise.
> I decided to scratch the workspace and all eclipse generated files
> (.project,  .cproject ...) and started eclipse Indigo (latest version) to
> do the same. Same outcome, until I opened Properties->C/C++General->Paths
> and Symbols-
> >Includes, which did >NOT< contain /usr/lib/openmpi/include. When I added
> >it, 
> eclipse offered to recompile, and after that MPI_COMM_WORLD was no longer 
> flagged as error.
> Is this a Iuno bug ? Or if not, how can I convince Iuno to make friends
> with  MPI_COMM_WORLD ?


one additional bit of information - I scratched everything today and retried  
with my current Iuno version. But this time, prior to New->"Convert into C/C++ 
Project", I wrote a Makefile manually and imported it as a Makefile project. 
This time, everything went smoothly.

Still, when opening the source code, all occurrences of MPI_COMM_WORLD were 
flagged as an error (Bug symbols, not crosses). But when I added the include 
path of mpi.h into ProjectExplorer->project_name->Properties->C++General-
>Paths ans Symbols, the bug symbols went away after reboot.

Me personally, I am all set now. The question is whether something needs to be 
fixed when ticking "Executable" when converting into C/C++ Project.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

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