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Re: [ptp-user] Getting path to the profile dir

Thanks Wyatt,

and what do you think about the possibility to use variables in the "compile" 
scope?, in this way the -L is not necessary to be hard-coded.

<allcompilers command="" group="mpitrace_openmpi">
argument value="-L/usr/local/mpitrace_openmpi/lib -lmpitrace -lpthread -lrt"/>

On Tuesday 02 March 2010 07:33:05 pm Wyatt Spear wrote:
> The problem was that the 'confvalue' field used by the 'argument' tag
> provides only the string value associated with the configuration id you
> provide.  The 'fieldrequired' logic only applies to the optvalue where the
> option is initially specified.  I have added a fieldrequired field to the
> argument tag which will prevent the argument from being used if the
> confvalue is empty.  So your argument tags in your example script should
> look like:
> <argument flag="--Acounters"
> confvalue="MPITrace.performance.options.configuration_id_VALUES_A_ARGUMENT_
> SAVED" separator=" " fieldrequired="true"/>