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[platform-update-dev] Callisto Discovery Site

Hi All,
Thanks for all yor help thus far. However I am still pondering the best way of implementing update sites at my firm. I have 4 related questions.
The plan at the moment is to have one update site for Homegrown plus various Open Source and Vendor features. We will also have a number of mirror sites for trusted 3rd parties (e.g. Callisto, Eclipse Project, MyEclipse).
  1. The Callisto Discovery site seems to be more than just a plain update site. It seems it is in some way aggregating update sites within itself. If you install an update from Callisto more update sites appear in your list after restart. If possible I would like to use this approach at Morgan Stanley. Does anyone know how this works?
  2. How can we prevent users updating directly from sites like Callisto? (Can update policies cover multiple sites?)
  3. For internally created update sites, is it better to build them using an Eclipse IDE Update site project or in some other way? (The Eclipse docs on this are pretty thin).
  4. We need a change control process for updating the update sites. Right now we are thinking we will update a mirrored update site in a staging area, get this tested by a group of beta testers and then turn the beta site over into production if there are no issues. Any information on such a managed process would be most welcome.
I hope I am not asking too much.
Best rgds,
Miles Daffin
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