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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Commit message guidelines


Currently I can simply copy&paste the bugzilla summary without any editing. If I have to spend more time to get the commit message right than quickly fixing a bug then that's just a waste.


From: John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Eclipse Platform UI component developers list." <platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date: 23.02.2012 20:53
Subject: Re: [platform-ui-dev] Commit message guidelines

Personally I think the bug number and summary like we do today is sufficient. The best place for a long-winded explanation of the change is bugzilla, so that it is in a structured format, and associated with all the discussion, steps to reproduce, target milestone, etc, and gets sent to the bug's CC list. Also this allows you to add further comments after the git commit has been made without destroying the commit hash. A Git commit comment is a very poor vehicle for structured data compared to bugzilla.

I have a suspicion some of the existing conventions related to git comments come from projects that don't have a separate bug tracker. I'd be looking for some value other than "this is what other people do" before we create too much work for ourselves. Yes, it is possible our commit comments might some day be converted into emails and then read by someone who uses PINE, but it doesn't feel like the case to optimize for on a team building 21st century graphical IDEs ;)


Paul Webster <pwebster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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"Eclipse Platform UI component developers list." <platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[platform-ui-dev] Commit message guidelines

I'm interested in adopting a git comment convention [1] for our comments in Platform/UI.  I hope to accomplish 3 things:

1) align ourselves with the common practice for git comments [2]

2) use one that's already been adapted by an eclipse project

3) prepare for when we use Gerrit for reviews and contributions.

The gist of the comment format from [1]:

"Brief Title, less than 60 chars
[blank line]
quick or long description of the change, either code or behaviour.  The commit
comment area auto-wraps this.
[blank line]
Bug: bug#"

Please think about this, comments are welcome on the mailing list.  We'll make a call during milestone week and adopt it in M7.  Also I'll just comment on #3, we have no plans to adopt Gerrit before Juno ships to avoid the potential disruption.



Paul Webster
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