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Re: [platform-swt-dev] swt examples

Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for.


Veronika_Irvine@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

You need to get the examples download from the "Exmaple Plugins" section of teh download page:


You should also check out the snippets section of the SWT developers page:


Jan Stöfer <jan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/12/2003 04:55 AM
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for a gui with a table I would like to use the swt classes, i.e. the org.eclipse.swt.Table class . Since I could not find much information about the class until now, except the api doc, I had the idea to have a look into the example code that should come with my eclipse installation. However, I cant find swtexamplessrc.zip as described in :
Specifically, I can't find any <install-dir>/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.swt.examples/ directory in my eclipse installation. Is the information on that page up to date ? Where else could I get the example code ?

Jan Stoefer

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