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re: Eclipse settings [was Re: [platform-swt-dev] Eclipse M4 on OSX]


Timothy Kettering wrote:

4. is it possible to set it up to have it create the default workspace application in the ~/Documents folder of the user on OSX instead of the folder. (I keep finding a "workspace" folder in my Applications folder where Eclipse is located at. I think this would also make it easier for multiple users to have their own setup as well sharing the same application.

I believe this is something that really should be true on all platforms.

I fully agree (please file a bug).

While it could be argued that most developers don't share their workstations, this feature would also mean that I wouldn't need to
recreate my workspace every time I install a new version of Eclipse.

You don't have to!
I never recreate a workspace since ages. I just copy the workspace from one Eclipse folder to another, or I edit the '-data <workspace>' argument.
However, the latter option is really hard to do on Mac OS X. But I'm working on a solution.

--another andre