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[platform-debug-dev] getLaunchManager().launchConfigurationAdded/Changed not called for non-local LCs


We recently ran into a problem where new non-local Launch Configurations created in were not available from the LaunchManager.getLaunchConfigurations() list when called synchronously in the same code path as the doSave() method.

I investigated this issue and discovered that the LaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy.writeNewFile() implementation calls getLaunchManager().launchConfigurationAdded/Changed() only for local LCs.

For non local LCs, the update of the LaunchManager list relies on the Resource delta notification, which are perform asynchronously in a different thread.

This is an issue we have code that executes synchronously after a new LC being created, and the LaunchManager does not contain the new LC.

Is this an oversight, could the writeNewFile() perform the Added/Changed notfication for non-local LCs as well, or is there a design reason for this behavior?


Serge Beauchamp.
Software Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor