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Re: Re[2]: [pdt-dev] Cannot use PDT Plugins

Dear all,

I finally found the solution! this is what I did last night:
1. create the jre subdirectory in the eclipse directory.
2. copy the jre 1.5.0 into the jre diretory.

Apparently the pdt eclipse has been running using the default 1.6.0
jre which I installed into the system.  and the pdt eclipse did
running fine after I copied the jre into the eclipse directory :)

thx for all u guys suggestions, appreciate it very much



2007/7/19, Adrian ZiÃÅkowski <az@xxxxxxxxx>:
Witaj Jon,

W Twoim liÅcie datowanym 19 lipca 2007 (21:15:28) moÂna przeczytaÃ:

> I'm seeing similar. I downloaded all-in-one from SF and Zend
> on Windows XP Pro.
> pdt-1.0.0.S20070611-M1_debugger-5.2.6.v20070507-all-in-one-win32.zip
> pdt-all-in-one-S20070611_M1-win32.zip

> Run ecplise, goto File->New->Project, no PHP wizard.

> Download linux all-in-one and I see PHP wizard.
> pdt-all-in-one-S20070611_M1-linux-gtk.tar.gz

1. Go to Help - Software Updates - Menage Configuration
2. Toggle "Show Disabled Function" button
3. Expand Eclipse Platform tree and look for PDT Future
4. If You can find it, make sure that it's enabled.

Adrian Ziolkowski

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