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Re: [p2-dev] Update of my RCP app

Hi, Thomas.
I answered the question last week.

I believe the problem is that you are not resolving the operation (again) after changing which update is selected.


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Subject: [p2-dev] Update of my RCP app


last week I posted a question, that nobody answered sadly :) I'll give it another try today and I really hope  that someone can give me a hint. I try to Update my product with an UpdateOperation, and when I ask it to resolve  p2 says that the old and the new version cannot be installed at the same time.

I build the product and the repo with pde build as suggested by the examples provided.

The only thing I have different from the example is that I perfom a query against the repo before that, but I guess that shouldn't have any impact on the resolve ?

Can anyone give me at least a hint what might be wrong with my setup ? That would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Thomas
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