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Re: [p2-dev] breaking change in provisional API - IServiceUI

Hi, Daniel.
Thanks for the use case (and understanding).
You might want to watch this bug which tracks a similar issue:

We moved our service declaration to ds to support authentication in the early startup sequence. Without ds, the authentication service was not present and if authentication was required to check for updates, the site would be ignored as if authentication failed. We use the default service ranking in the registration, so your use case should still work fine, but you'll find some new methods in IServiceUI.

Also any comments as to the final shape of IServiceUI are welcomed in this bug:

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Subject: Re: [p2-dev] breaking change in provisional API - IServiceUI

On Fri, Oct 02, 2009 at 08:30:26AM -0700, Susan Franklin McCourt wrote:
> I've now got the original problem and test case problems fixed, but at the
> cost of a provisional API change that breaks implementors of IServiceUI.  I
> think the changes are good ones, but realize my timing is random.  If this
> poses a problem, I can back out all three changes before the next I-build
> and wait for a later time.  Please let me know via this list or any of the
> referenced bug reports if this poses a problem.

This is just an FYI; your change doesn't cause me any problem because
we pick up new p2 builds infrequently, and I knew I was using a
provisional interface :-)

I did find myself needing to provide an IServiceUI.  In our previous
EUM implementation we had a custom site type, and one of the purposes
was to provide a more helpful login dialog for our password-protected
update site; e.g. it includes more information on what password you're
being asked for, and where to go if you don't have one.  I was able to
do this in p2 without having to provide a custom site.  Instead I have
a higher-priority IServiceUI, and it passes requests for other URLs
through to the next default service.

Daniel Jacobowitz
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