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[p2-dev] update site from the product build

I have a product build using P2 with “p2.gathering” on. The product contains of one master feature which contains all the other sub-features. The master feature also contains the Eclipse platform (which contains all the P2 bundles).


The product build generates a “buildRepo” directory. In that directory there are “binary”, “feature” and “plugins” folder, and “content.xml” and “artifacts.xml” file.


We have daily builds. Each build increase the build qualifier in the product ID (e.g. to The main features and sub-features also has build qualifier increased daily.


I run build and add a new update site URL pointing to the “buildRepo” from build However when I run “Check for update” I get “There is nothing to update” message.


Is there anything wrong with my config? Can I use the “buildRepo” directly as update site?