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[p2-dev] breaking change in provisional API - IServiceUI

Hi, folks.
Even amongst all the discussion in bugs and phone calls about how to go about rolling out substantive API cleanup this release...

I found myself introducing a change to provisional API this week [1] while fixing a related bug [2]. The timing of the change was gratuitous at first and I started to yank it back out. But then I found I needed to evolve the API further in order to solve another problem [3].

I've now got the original problem and test case problems fixed, but at the cost of a provisional API change that breaks implementors of IServiceUI. I think the changes are good ones, but realize my timing is random. If this poses a problem, I can back out all three changes before the next I-build and wait for a later time. Please let me know via this list or any of the referenced bug reports if this poses a problem.


[1] Bug 290984 - [core] merge IServiceUI and IServiceUICheckUnsigned
[2] Bug 288855 - [ui] IServiceUI should be registered using ds rather than in the startup code
[3] Bug 291049 - [ui] IServiceUI declaration using ds causes test failures in N20090930