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[p2-dev] Fragments requiredCapability to the 'bundle'

We recently discovered that a lot of fragments express an explicit requirement to the 'bundle' capability and that all osgi.bundles provides this capability.

This creates a problem for us because we're generating the MetadataRepository based on a top group of things to install. We do that by adding all IU's that fulfill at least one required capability irrespective of versions. This approach breaks when a fragment requires the 'bundle' capability since we then must add every single bundle in the database to the MDR to be absolutely sure that nothing is missing.

I'm not sure I understand the thought behind the 'bundle' requirement. It's like saying that the fragment is happy as long as any bundle is present. Still, that information appears to be redundant since the fragment already has a special HostRequirement. Can someone please explain the thoughts behind this? I need to know in order to come up with a better scheme for how to limit the set of IU's to include.

Thomas Hallgren