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Re: [osee-dev] Getting Started & e4

Hi Joseph,

Are you currently using OSEE for a project?  We definitely would like for you to contribute and will help any way we can.  We are using git so if you've been able to checkout the repository and get your workspace to build, that would be the first step.  There is information on the wiki about how to setup your workspace.  Then, after you make a bug fix, just create a patch in git and attach that to the bugzilla item.  We'll then apply that patch and commit it into git for you.  Just send any specific questions to this same address and we'll do our best to get them answered for you in a timely manner.



On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 12:54 PM, Joseph D Carroll Jr <jdsalingerjr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My name is Joseph Carroll and I am looking to become more involved with the Eclipse community.  I am still rather new to the Eclipse environment, but I have been using it every day for the past year and I would like to start giving back.  I am particularly interested in the OSEE project.  I am going to start working on bugs listed in bugzilla and would like to see if there are any new features that the community would like / is working on.  But this brings me to my first question...

While I am still working through all of the documentation, how should I go about submitting patches to the framework?  Specifically there are a couple of issues in the bundle org.eclipse.osee.framework.ui.skynet that prevent compilation in the e4 environment.  I have a couple of ideas on how to resolve these issues but would first need to have a quick discussion with someone about the goals of the BlamOperations.  Would someone be able to facilitate this brief conversation?  In addition, I would look to provide any updated documentation (javadoc / wiki / ... ) where appropriate.  

I also have several other generic questions about the project and project activity.  (Specifically pertaining to Boeing's involvement... )

Any ways, I am looking forward to diving into the project more and more.



feel free to contact me directly:

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