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Re: [osee-dev] Compilation errors in OSEE source code



It looks like you downloaded the zipped source from our git repositories.


To install missing dependencies, you need to use the http://www.eclipse.org/osee/downloads/ update on a regular Eclipse installation.


This installation method will download missing dependencies (XViewer) and should resolve your compilation errors.




Karol Wilk


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Subject: [osee-dev] Compilation errors in OSEE source code
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I have downloaded OSEE source code from , version is "org.eclipse.osee-0.9.8.v201107181202_SR2_RC.zip". If I import the source code into Eclispe Helios (3.6) there are compilation errros. Also Xviewer version is 1.7.2, but the Xviewer based extensions have compilation errors.


Can you please let me know which version os eclipse and other addons are required to resolve the compilation errors ?


Thanks & Regards,