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[mdt-ocl.dev] Orbit Map File references

Hi Adolfo

On 27/04/2010 10:30, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:

I have manually changed the ocl.map file because I had already tagged the LPG's plugin projects in Orbit's CVS. If I have a chance in the near future, I'll try that Releng Tools ;)

David Williams wrote on cross-project-dev

We in Orbit are considering (will, unless there's quick complaints) to
change the URL of our p2 repositories produced with our builds. From
ending with "updateSite" to "repository".  I'm 99% sure this won't
effect anyone, since I'd think anyone who currently uses it, uses our
"p2 maps" generated during a build; hence you may not even know it ever
was "updateSite"  :) and you'll just get the change automatically when
you get a new p2 map file.  This would effect only "future" repository
URLs ... we not changing anything that exists.


I'm not quite sure what this means. We don't seem to be using the "updateSite" so I don't think it affects us.
However we're also not using the expected p2 map file directly.

Should we be 'including' rather than selectively pasting orbit.map?

Should we be using a map p2UI rather than GET operation?