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[m2m-iwg] openiotassembly in London



as I am attending the openiotassembly.com I could raise the topic of the m2m eclipse working group. Just give me some material that fits for that and I will distribute it there…


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Since some of the guys at Cosm (the project formerly known as Pachube;-) also seem to have attended a recent IWG F2F meeting in England, if there's anybody in the area, please note the upcoming Open IOT Assembly this weekend in London: http://openiotassembly.com/


Having just returned from last weekend's Dutch Mobile Conference (where we got an Arduino Uno board as Speaker present, seems of good use;-) and speaking at Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg tomorrow, I probably won't have enough travel time and budget to attend that, but it sounds cool, especially for those with a more hands-on preference.