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Re: [m2m-iwg] openiotassembly in London

Hello Stefan,

The main material is our marketecture slide deck (available on the Eclipse Wiki [1]) that details our strategy with regard to building an Open Ecosystem of Protocols, Tools, and Frameworks. There's also interesting material on the web pages of the two Eclipse projects that already started implementing this strategy on the Protocols and Tooling front, respectively Paho [2] and Koneki [3].

Feel free to come back to the list should you need more information!

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as I am attending the openiotassembly.com I could raise the topic of the m2m eclipse working group. Just give me some material that fits for that and I will distribute it there…


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Since some of the guys at Cosm (the project formerly known as Pachube;-) also seem to have attended a recent IWG F2F meeting in England, if there's anybody in the area, please note the upcoming Open IOT Assembly this weekend in London: http://openiotassembly.com/


Having just returned from last weekend's Dutch Mobile Conference (where we got an Arduino Uno board as Speaker present, seems of good use;-) and speaking at Eclipse DemoCamp Hamburg tomorrow, I probably won't have enough travel time and budget to attend that, but it sounds cool, especially for those with a more hands-on preference.