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Re: [m2m-iwg] Introduction - Nicholas Humfrey


Thanks for the intro. I look forward to meeting you. 

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> Hello,
> I have recently been invited to the Face to Face next Tuesday, so I
thought I
> would introduce myself.
> My day job is as the Technical Architect for BBC Radio and Music Online.
> by night I have spent some time working on various open source projects. I
> first got involved in MQTT through the Smart Labs projects while I was at
> University of Southampton:
> http://mqtt.org/projects/smart-lab
> A long time ago I created the WebSphere::MQTT:Client perl module:
> http://search.cpan.org/~njh/WebSphere-MQTT-Client/
> More recently I have worked on:
> Ruby Gem Client: http://github.com/njh/ruby-mqtt Basic iPhone App:
> http://github.com/njh/marquette MQTT library for Nanode:
> http://github.com/njh/NanodeMQTT HTTP/REST bridge for retained
> messages: http://test-mosquitto.heroku.com/ Event driven Ruby Gem and
> server: http://github.com/njh/ruby-em-mqtt
> 1-wire to MQTT bridge (written in C): https://github.com/njh/owmqtt
> One of the things I really like MQTT for is as an aggregation point for
lots of
> different technologies and devices.
> The BBC has an interest in push technologies (possibly including MQTT) for
> mass-distribution of event and metadata to web browsers and radio devices.
> An example of this is the RadioVis protocol, which is used to send images
> text to hybrid radios. We also currently send LiveText and now playing
> information to some of the radio pages:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcinternet/2011/09/radio1_homepage_softw
> are_technical.html
> I am pushing BBC Radio LiveText to Roger Light's test mosquitto server as
> experiment:
> http://test-mosquitto.heroku.com/bbc/livetext/bbc_radio_fourfm
> I look forward to meeting you all,
> nick.
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