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[m2m-iwg] Introduction - Nicholas Humfrey


I have recently been invited to the Face to Face next Tuesday, so I thought I would introduce myself.

My day job is as the Technical Architect for BBC Radio and Music Online. And by night I have spent some time working on various open source projects. I first got involved in MQTT through the Smart Labs projects while I was at the University of Southampton:

A long time ago I created the WebSphere::MQTT:Client perl module:

More recently I have worked on:
Ruby Gem Client: http://github.com/njh/ruby-mqtt
Basic iPhone App: http://github.com/njh/marquette
MQTT library for Nanode: http://github.com/njh/NanodeMQTT
HTTP/REST bridge for retained messages: http://test-mosquitto.heroku.com/
Event driven Ruby Gem and server: http://github.com/njh/ruby-em-mqtt
1-wire to MQTT bridge (written in C): https://github.com/njh/owmqtt

One of the things I really like MQTT for is as an aggregation point for lots of different technologies and devices.

The BBC has an interest in push technologies (possibly including MQTT) for mass-distribution of event and metadata to web browsers and radio devices. An example of this is the RadioVis protocol, which is used to send images and text to hybrid radios. We also currently send LiveText and now playing information to some of the radio pages:

I am pushing BBC Radio LiveText to Roger Light's test mosquitto server as an experiment:

I look forward to meeting you all,