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Re: [m2e-users] Thoughts on M2E

On Mar 5, 2012, at 8:41 AM, Sébastien Pennec wrote:

Hello Jason, 

Thanks for having taken the time to answer to my email. 

>> Unfortunately, like many other users, you fall prey to inadvertently insulting the people from whom you are asking help. 

I don't think anything in my email is insulting to anybody. I despise insults certainly as much as you do, so if anybody felt insulted, then I am  sorry for that. 

>> Insinuating that we have somehow not lived up to some unstated promise 

The promise is on the front page of the M2E website: first class integration between Maven and Eclipse. We might disagree on what this means in terms of features and quality, but this is by no means an "unstated promise". This is an ambitious promise. To me, a project creation resulting in a corrupted module is not out of this scope. Same with a video showing a feature that is not supported anymore. 

We do provide first class integration with Maven. We do not provide first class integration with Subversion. You can import any Maven project that is on disk. The m2e core is the _only_ part of m2e at Eclipse. That is what we committed to supporting at Eclipse. That's the only implicit promise we made. The only reason m2e-wtp is moving to Eclipse is because JBoss stepped up and supported it. Otherwise it would remain as an extra in Github as well. No interest within the project means it's unlikely to go to Eclipse and have first class support and as an Open Source project you can't expect any more than that. We have zero interest in Subversion. We don't use it ourselves and the integrations are generally terrible and not enjoyable to work with so it's not something we're going to work on. 

The unstated promise is that we're going to support every last form of integration related to Maven which is not the case. Especially for integrations that have been nothing but problematic. Subversion has a terrible history at Eclipse and once we stopped using it ourselves we have no reason to touch it and unless someone else becomes a committer and takes over the maintenance it's not likely to come to Eclipse or be supported well. One of the commercial distributions will have better Subversion integration. Eclipse plans to shutdown SVN and CVS as well so all projects at Eclipse will eventually migrate to Git. Git is likely the only integration that we'll work on in Open Source because that's what we need ourselves.

I guess that we agree that a video on the front page of the site to advertise what the team considers are the main features of M2E, is a promise. 

We don't agree. I just removed it. I didn't put it there and you're right about displaying features that we don't support.

If a project is being corrupted with the features in the m2e core then make a test case and we'll fix it.


Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven

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