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Re: [linux-distros-dev] customize gtk theme makes eclipse 100% more usable

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 6:47 PM, Sebastian Gurin
<sgurin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi pantelis, nice to switch opinions... I reply between lines..

Heh, I did not switch opinions, I was not against your claim that a
better gtk theme improves
eclipse experience for Linux gnome users. I agreed to that all along.

I just objected to the statement that "ALL" linux users use gnome/gtk
(us KDE users are
human beings too, you know :) and we are many too)

> note that not all programers are linux or even gtk users... :)
Well, those that use eclipse in linux / gnome probably are ;) Those
that don't use linux/gnome
don't have this specific problem :)

> if you make something like
> [...]
> So, the sollution has not to be invasive to gtk themes or to other applications...

Sure it does not *have* to, but if the problem is more general than
eclipse, then the other applications
benefit too. If gtk themes are not broken everyone wins.

If on the other hand fixing eclipse breaks the other apps, then it is
better to have an eclipse-only solution.

>> > 3) it seems that t eclipse is doing nothing to improve eclipse+linux user experience in this way....
>> >
>> > I think eclipse shoud define an appropiate theme customization and at least give the user the oportunity to use it. Believe me that several unexpierienced-in-gnome users will appreciate something like that!
>> That would be nice. Perhaps there can be a "gtk theme configuration
>> plugin" for eclipse developed here in linux-distros.
>> (This might mean though it will only be in e.g., Fedora and Gentoo and
>> not in the official tarballs)
>> Or eclipse could be more explicit in telling users that it is Gtk they
>> should be looking at, if they have theme problems.
> both coud be valid sollutions. A simple shell script like I show bellow can be an alternative too (I will try to refine and test a little more about this one and send a fix). My point is that in the current state of things, even for an advanced swt, eclipse, gtk, programmer it is difficult to figure it out how to adjust this waste of space...

I don't think that the lack of action on eclipse side is on purpose or
by design.
It is probably that developers were not aware of the problem/solution,
or they waited gnome to fix its themes instead.

In any case, it may be problematic to get eclipse people to accept
using a different way to launch eclipse just for Linux/gtk.
It is more likely to get the shell script way to be accepted in
distros, or to have a linux-specific plugin that interacts
with the gtk configuration system if the user asks it to.