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RE: [linux-distros-dev] PHPeclipse 1.1.8 rpm

Matt Ryan wrote about phpeclipse:
>Looks good, Ben; I'm wondering, why PHPeclipse, and not the Zend PHP
editor for Eclipse? 
For my standpoint, one of the problem with the Zend PHP project at
Eclipse is that it explicitely does not provide built-in support for
debugging, but instead support for the non-free zend php debugger, based
on a spec that they are the only ones to implement.
You can check the phpide newsgroup @ eclipse for some discussion on that
topic at the time the project was started.
Apart from that it is more than decent. :-)

In contrast, Phpeclipse supports dbg, and will support xdebug (in CVS
for now, but unfinished): both are free and open source debuggers. 
In terms of popularity, phpeclipse has had several 100,000 of downloads
and a solid community which has been providing feedback and help to grow
it in a mature environment.

You can make your own decision based on that.
But do not take my word for it, as I am an involved party.


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>>> Ben Konrath <bkonrath@xxxxxxxxxx> 08/11/06 7:16 PM >>>
> I just posted a packaged version of PHPeclipse 1.1.8 here:


Looks good, Ben; I'm wondering, why PHPeclipse, and not the Zend PHP
editor for Eclipse?