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[jwt-dev] JWT and STP / STP-IM

Hi dear STP & JWT members

We've known each other for a long time. We both know that our respective approaches, SOA and BPM, are a match in heaven. JWT and STP tools have even started to work together (BPMN and STP-IM transformation, SCA editor...).

But what is actually "STP and JWT" - and especially STP-IM since it attempts to unify STP ? How do our different approaches and visions merge or clash ? How can / should users use both at the same time in an efficient and consistent manner ? How do we complete (or compete :) each other ?

These questions are compelling, and I've found that many people I've interacted with (from STP, JWT, partners, platform vendors, clients...) would be interested in answers.

So with Adrian from STP-IM and Stéphane from SCA Tools fame, we've set to start a discussion on this topic. Here it is :


Your contributions are welcome !

Marc Dutoo
JWT Projet co-lead