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[jdt-apt-dev] APT as api and tools.jar


Just stumbled over APT and I must say it is very cool. Have some questions...

1. Is APT going to make it into Eclipse 3.2?
2. tools.jar - how can APT make it into 3.2 if you have to copy tools.jar?

Lastly, any thoughts yet on the API story for APT? I'm building a
project that has a builder, and that builder needs to access stuff
like annotations at the source level. My story does not fit into that
of an annotation processor but having access to the mirror api
implementation provided by APT would really help me out.

A bit of a use case - the tooling is for the Tapestry

1. Load xml spec
2. Locate class (usually a java file but not always)
3. Find all tapestry annotations on the class (incl inherited)
for each annotation:
 - do something
4. get all methods (not just locally declared)
   for each method:

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