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[jdt-apt-dev] Debugging Annotation Processors in Eclipse

Hi guys,

I have been trying to debug annotation processor but no luck yet.

On  the web site it says...
To debug an annotation processor it must be run from a plugin. You develop your code in the plugin, and then debug it by annotating source code in a spawned instance of Eclipse. The debugging instance needs the annotation declaration, the factory, and the processor. The spawned instance only needs access to the delaration.


I created a plugin based on the APTDemo. The processor code  is in the plugin source folder along with a jar dependency where annotations (@TypeGeneratingAnnotation and @DemoAnnotation) are defined. Annotating the src code within a java project (which has the annotations.jar in classpath) )in a spawned instance of Eclipse does not invoke the processor (the break points do not get called).

I am not sure what an I missing here but any help is appreciated. The plugin zip file in my workspace is attached along with a pic below.


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