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[jdt-apt-dev] Question about JSR Annotations.

Hi guys,

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post my question but I want to do it anyways. Any feedback is appreciated.

In order for me to introspect a Class for annotations (say within a JDT listener code) how do I get hold of java.lang.Class in order to call the new jsr 175 APIs. Presently at runtime within eclipse there is no way of me getting a java.lang.Class from jdt IType. I want to react to annotation changes (additions/removal etc) that user enters while using the jdt editor. Should I be using AnnotationProcessor for this? Does the process API on the AnnotationProcessor get called only during a build?

Thanks in advance

PS. I am having some what hard time in getting the APTDemo to run as a plugin project. My runtime environment does not recongnize the 2 annotations (DemoAnnotation and TypeGeneratingAnnotation) defined at all. I do see demo plugin in the Preferences setting though. Any ideas as to what am I missing? I have eclipse 3.1.1 and jre 5.0