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[imp-dev] "Interesting" case of dynamic language registration


I'm using LanguageRegistry.registerLanguage(...) to dynamically extend
Eclipse with editors for new languages. The extension points of such
languages are implemented by some "multiplexing" instances of the IMP
services that dynamically find the right implementation for each
editor, based on the language name and some lookup table. These
implementations are provided by Rascal programs.

So far so good ;-) This all works fine when you're running Eclipse and
you don't quit it.

Now when I quit Eclipse and start it up again, the editors for those
dynamically registered languages might still be there. However, since
their language is not registered by an IMP extension point, there is
no language registered for those editors and NullPointerExceptions
start jumping at you from all parts of the UniversalEditor :-(

The question is: where would you add some code that can re-register
those languages, just in time before the UniversalEditors that are
still open will start complaining about missing languages? I don't
think there is a default Eclipse way to do it, and UniversalEditor
does not provide a service for it either. Your advice is much
appreciated. (I really can't/shouldn't/won't add extension points for
those languages). Is there a simple solution?



Jurgen Vinju
- Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica - SEN1
- Universiteit van Amsterdam

  www: http://jurgen.vinju.org,
skype: jurgen.vinju