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[hyades-dev] Potential Hyades 3.0.2 release

There is a 3.0.2 target now available for Hyades defects.  At the present
time there are no concrete plans to provide a 3.0.2 release, this target is
intended to be used for candidate defects that can be considered critical
patches to the 3.0.1 deliverable.  The following process should be observed
for defects that should be considered as 3.0.2 candidates.

The defect is to be opened and targeted to 3.0.2.  Due to its critical
nature, it is likely desirable to fix this defect in the HEAD branch (if
applicable) in short order.  A separate defect must be opened for the fix
in the HEAD branch and that defect will follow the normal defect process.
When a fix is committed into the HEAD branch, the 3.0.2 defect must be
updated with the tag information for that fix.  Thus, if it is deemed
necessary to ship a 3.0.2 and this defect is selected to be part of that
release, we will be able to quickly merge the fix from HEAD into a 3.0.2
branch.  If the defect is not selected to be part of the potential 3.0.2
release it will be resolved as WILLNOTFIX.

Please address the mailing list if you have any issues/questions/concerns?

Thank-you for your time,

Richard K. Duggan
Problem Determination Enablement
IBM Toronto Laboratory
External: 905-413-2396
Internal: 969-2396