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[hyades-dev] Hyades Committer Call - 1 June 04 - Minutes

Hyades Committer Call - 1 June 04 - Minutes

- Present: Harm, Antony, Joe, Richard, Bob, Kent, Eugene, Kathryn, Rob

- Two planned Hyades M10 drops remain: June 3 & 10

- Committers will no longer propose & vote on fixes for inclusion for a 3.0 M10 drop via hyades-dev mailing list. Proposals should be sent to Harm, who will then schedule a meeting for Committer review/vote



- 64859 - group call needed for approval in M10, or defer to 3.0.1; Richard recommends getting all AS400 defects in, or none
- 64229 - Per Richard, partial work-around exists (detach from agent before terminating process)
- 64904 - fix approved for check-in

-64322 - timestamps for events logged by profiling agent not normalized to decimal point - problems normalizing values for e.g. French (where decimal is comma), which is why we should always use decimal point -- this will not have worked in France locale before -- need to update the spec to detail this point
- need to make sure everyone is doing the same thing here so we are consistent
- investigate, and revisit for M10 when we know all the things we need to do; meanwhile, put something in the readme
- 64434 - still need more investigation - AS/400 issue - would add #define/#if statements for any changes to make them specific to those platforms only and minimize chance of regression on other platforms
- 56182 - when request heap dump, JVM aborts - need to change that behavior; the heap dump is generated successfully if the -Xmx1500M parameter is not supplied. However, it still spits out the 'aborting' message (see below) if the -Xmx1500M parameter *is* supplied. The program runs fine with -Xmx1500M when a heap dump is not requested.
- 56404 - Sun's fix works
- 60497 - Nellie has to figure out where this goes
- 62005 - implication is we can't support anything before zOS V2R10, which is sunset anyway
- hold off till tomorrow night, then roll into next candidate build
- 62543 - Dave to verify w/Richard (possibly check-in by tomorrow's build?)
- 63318 - Approved; checked-in & should be closed today
- 63406 - fix was approved but Committers didn't know there was associated PII change (though IES confirmed a final emergency PII translation drop was available) - so Harm, Rob, & Joe need to work on ensuring that it gets translated -- per Harm, change should not have gone in
- 64476 - working on how to reproduce - only on 390, not other Linux platforms