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Re: [hyades-dev] Hyades activities structure


I did some tests on whether the right activities shows/hides when enabled/disabled. here is a matrix from the results:

I also did a regression test on JUnit when its enabled and it passes.  More regression tests need to follow.

I am not sure if all hyades activities should be enabled at the beginning since when eclipse is started the first time, as many activities as possible should be disable to ensure its in the simplest and most manageable state.

Hope this helps.


Eugene Chan <ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: hyades-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

05/26/2004 12:18 PM

Please respond to

[hyades-dev] Hyades activities structure


Eclipse Activities is a way to logically group identifiers(view/editor/command/preference page/perspective, etc) which can be enabled or disabled by user. To make use of Eclipse activities, I created a plugin with activities defined in its plugin.xml file for you to try out.

Detail about activities -> http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/%7Echeckout%7E/platform-ui-home/activities/index.html

The activities are categorized as "Profile/logging/Test"(We need a better name for this, suggestion?) and there are 4 activities under this category:
- Profile and Logging

- Hyades JUnit Test

- Manual Test

- URL Test

Currently, their pattern bindings are based on the plugin dependency stack for each activities.

They are all enabled by default, as in my opinion users pulling Hyades should expect the features to show up. Comment?

Please extract the attached plugin(org.eclipse.hyades.activites) into plugin folder and you should be able to configure the activities under Window->Configure Activities(for IES build before  20040521) or Window->Peference->Workbench->Activity Configuration (for IES build after 20040521)

Would you please verify if your component is function with the Activities define and contact me for any change require?

To Do Items:

1. Discussion on naming the category

2. Component owner to verify the activities show up correctly.

3. Create cvs module org.eclipse.hyades.activities once we settle on the activities definition.

Comment and suggestion are welcome.


Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Laboratory
Voice:   1-905-413-6102
Email:  ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx

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