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[hyades-dev] Fix for defect 65220 - Change to XMLUtilities API's

As many of you may be aware, when Xerces was removed from Eclipse, we
needed to make substantial changes to some of our XML processing code to
have this run on the JAXP implementation provided with JDK 1.4.  During
migration we made every effort to stick to the proper JAXP API's, this
would allow uses to run with either JDK 1.4 JAXP or Xerces on JDK 1.3.  We
were successful in this regard with the exception of the XMLUtilities class
that handles serialization.   We made the mistake of exposing the
javax.xml.transform.TransformerException as part of the serialization API's
of this class.  This do not exist as part of Xerces.

In order to support both 1.3 and 1.4 JDK users we have elected to map
exceptions to a common exception depending upon the environment we are
running in.  The exception signature for the
borg.eclipse.hyades.logging.core.XmlUtility.serialize*() APIs has been
changed from javax.xml.transform.TransformerException to
org.eclipse.hyades.logging.core.SerializationException.  Callers must
explicitly catch org.eclipse.hyades.logging.core.SerializationException or

We have made every effort to identify all of the users of this code and
inform them of the change.  This change is being added to HEAD today.

Richard K. Duggan
Problem Determination Enablement
IBM Toronto Laboratory
External: 905-413-2396
Internal: 969-2396