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Re: [hyades-dev] Input documents for Hyades overview section


I had a look at the document on 'Adopting the Hyades Platform'. I'm mostly happy with it. A few comments: 

- p.4 mentions "Test Suites, Test Cases, Test Contexts". What are test contexts exactly? The last I heard was that "Test Context" was going to replace the concept of "Test Suite" in UML2TP. Is that the case? (I haven't found any reference to Contexts in the latest UML2TP spec). Or are they two different things? 

- p.5 I'm curious whether we can come up with reasonable estimates for the number of Person Weeks/Months for adoption level 1, 2, etc. Since we at SAP are at a very early stage on the Hyades adoption path, we cannot provide numbers for that, and I would be very interested to hear about other people's experiences.

- p.9 I was a bit confused by this picture. Perhaps we should first agree on an architecture document to establish terminology and concepts we can refer to in this slide. Currently we have the document on the "Formation of the Hyades Project", dating from Oct. 2002. Is everything there still relevant? For example, I was puzzled by the elements 'master' and 'Test Master Control Interface' on this slide. Sure enough, these concepts are mentioned in the "Formation" document but I don't recall them having been used in the discussions I attended. 
One small suggestion is to show explicitly on the picture what's part of Eclipse and what runs on the RA Server. I also think the role of the 'value pairs' that appear between the two RAC elements and between 'Test components' and 'Executor' should be clarified. Why isn't there an XML Channel between the two RAC components (as on page 30)? That channel is also used for execution events, right?  

- p.13 What's a 'Test Motivator'?

- p.15 "Tests can be organized, versioned using Hyades test navigator...": does Hyades provide any kind of versioning support?

Gian Franco


Gian Franco Bonini

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Following the proposal sent last week to re-shape the Hyades online documentation content, please find attached to this mail 2 proposed drafts. They obviously need to be edited to fix my horrendous frenglish. So, at this point, please focus your comments and contributions on the content :) 

Non-ASQ vendors (middleware/system/network providers) are not adressed in these drafts. It is something that needs to be fixed, but I think we should start the discussion. 

Thanks, Serge.

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