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Re: [hudson-dev] Hudson on Hudson status update

On 4/23/12 11:41 AM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:
2012/4/23 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:

For all plugin related messages make sure you add dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
also to the CC-list. I just added it.
Will do

BIRT Charts Plugin: Fails looking for 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT parent
This needs Hudson 3.0.0 to build. Let us disable it for now
Shouldn't this just point to one of the release milestones like the
other 3.0 plugin?

You are right. I'll fix it.

Packaging: What do I need to run in this ?
Nothing. It is for creating Installer packages. Remove it
Not sure I agree.. In a continuous integration environment, we should
also continuously test that we can provide valid installer packages,
therefor I think we should make this job work too.

Agree. But we need Redhat, Opensuse and Ubuntu Slaves to build them.
Let me see if I can set up some VMs with those OS.

Question is what is required ?
Rest Client Plugin:  Fails looking for 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT parent
If Core builds file, then this should build too.
The problem is that there is more than one local repository on the
machine, so there is no guarantee the Rest client plugin will build on
the same executor as the latest core. Therefor we need to either point
it to a released core or have a snapshot repo which this build can
pull from.

Any particular reason why this plugin is different than the others
which works fine with a stable release?

Hmm.. looking at the pom.xml it seems to depend on core 2.1.2.


Subversion Plugin: Fails with unittest errors. Suspecting it could be
related to the oracle proxy needed to reach the internet
The unit tests required a lightweight SVN server called "svnserve".
Works fine on my laptop, where it could find the svnserve
Then we should add installing svnserve on the ci.hudsonci-org machine
to our todo list :-)


Liverebel Deploy Plugin: Stops after the cloning because of the hudson
bug where it just prints "Nothing to do"
Is this always reproducible
Yes, I cannot make it go away it.

For soem reason only this repo is affected, but it is consistently
failed also on my home machine (hudson 2.1.2)  and on the old
hudson-on-hudson instance.

Then we need to investigate it. Any volunteers? Steven ? :-)

- Winston