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Re: [hudson-dev] Hudson on Hudson status update

2012/4/24 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Packaging: What do I need to run in this ?
> Nothing. It is for creating Installer packages. Remove it
> Not sure I agree.. In a continuous integration environment, we should
> also continuously test that we can provide valid installer packages,
> therefor I think we should make this job work too.
> Agree. But we need Redhat, Opensuse and Ubuntu Slaves to build them.
> Let me see if I can set up some VMs with those OS.

Ah okay. I thought we could just run the scripts on any linux (with
the right tools), didn't know we needed a full OS per variant

Let us take this one last then, as I much rather see some of our other
TODO items

> The problem is that there is more than one local repository on the
> machine, so there is no guarantee the Rest client plugin will build on
> the same executor as the latest core. Therefor we need to either point
> it to a released core or have a snapshot repo which this build can
> pull from.
> Any particular reason why this plugin is different than the others
> which works fine with a stable release?
> Hmm.. looking at the pom.xml it seems to depend on core 2.1.2.

I need to look closer at it, but I properly wont have time until the weekend
> Liverebel Deploy Plugin: Stops after the cloning because of the hudson
> bug where it just prints "Nothing to do"
> Is this always reproducible
> Yes, I cannot make it go away it.
> For soem reason only this repo is affected, but it is consistently
> failed also on my home machine (hudson 2.1.2)  and on the old
> hudson-on-hudson instance.
> Then we need to investigate it. Any volunteers? Steven ? :-)

Would be great..

Best regards