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[higgins-dev] Problems testing Cloud Selector

Hello all,

I have managed to deploy cloudselector and cloudselector-test (a.k.a. higgins.proxy and higgins.proxy.test) being successful to link both applications with a third internal cardsync component. My problem comes when I try to retrieve user claims from cardsync with Cloud Selector.

Every time I try to authenticate (no matter if the password was correct or not) I get the following error:


The password I use is correct, since I can authenticate in cardsync with Azigo but I don't know how to solve this. I have read that this may be a problem of JAAS, but I have no idea where is JAAS used if it is.

Could you help me? 

David Campos

Safelayer Secure Communications Developer
DMAG UPC R+D Researcher
Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)