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[higgins-dev] RE: Higgins: CB Selector - issue

I got the problem when I import a managed card , from any STS.

With CardImage , it is OK: the cards  are displayed with the correct image.


I continue the test a soon as possible…




From: Andrew Hodgkinson [mailto:ahodgkinson@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: jeudi 30 avril 2009 18:50
To: Smadja Philippe; Jeesmon Jacob; Markus Sabadello
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Subject: Re: Higgins: CB Selector - issue




You are correct that the card format specified in the ISIP documentation uses 'CardImage' as the element name.  The client-based selector uses its own internal format for card storage and translates between ISIP and other formats as needed.  For some unknown reason, I used 'Image' rather than 'CardImage' as the element name associated with the card image.  As far as I can tell, however, the import and export code is correctly translating between 'Image' and 'CardImage'.  Have you found a case where it is not working?





>>> Smadja Philippe <Philippe.Smadja@xxxxxxxxxxx> 4/30/2009 10:38 AM >>>

Hello all,

I think , I found an issue in the code of the CB-Selector  (trunk 2009 – 04 – 23)

In iss/src/sts_icard.h


> #define ISS_ICARD_IMAGE_TAG         “CardImage”  instead of “Image”


I do not know where to post the bug, so I use the dev-list.


Best Regards


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