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[higgins-dev] Higgins Developer call notes - 30 April-09

Notes from Higgins Developer call for Thur 30-April-09

Markus Sabadello- Azigo
Mary Ruddy- Meristic
John Bradley - 
Paul Trevithick - Azigo
Drummond Reed - ICF
Brian Walker - Azigo

Time: Thursday, noon Eastern
Dial-in: 1-866-362-7064 / 89-2048#


1. [Paul, Brian] RSA: I5 Interop results [1] 

  • Selector Feature Test results [1b]
  • Browser Add-On (HBX) Feature test results [1c]
  • Notes: 
    • Need to split FF and IE in the browser add-on test matrix. 
    • Higgins code is somewhere between 30-70% passing on the interop test results. There is work ongoing to address the gaps noted in the test result matrix. 

2. [Paul, Mary] RSA Information Card Announcements

  • New ICF website [2]
  • Seven featured cards [3]
  • ICF whitepaper [4]
  • Notes:
    • The new ICF website and associated content has been getting positive feedback. New type of card called Action card that does web augmentation. 
    • GSA/Equifax, AAA, and Choix Vert cards where shown and outlined in the above referenced whitepaper. 

3. [JohnB or Paul] OpenID Extension: Secure Attribute Exchange (SAX)
  • SAX: Adding IMI TC semantics to OpenId
  • Notes:
    • Disucssed this idea at RSA. Looking to develop an OpenID identity selector. The idea was to build OpenID extention to support SAX. Have OP get RP certificate and return IMI profiled SAML token. The RP code would support SAX and information cards and use HTTP as transport layer for IMI token. 
    • Need to define how to pass secure information/certificate between OP and RP. The biggest piece of work is to define what to return from RP in new URIget call from selector (xml, object tag etc). Will start up a Higgins wiki page to define the early stages of design for this. Could move this to another location later as needed. 
    • Discussed where the specification should live. Having early conversations on where this work should reside (ICF, OASIS, Higgins). We will have this as a session at IIW based on early draft of fist pass spec. 
    • Decision was to have this fall this under one of the ICF (selector interoperability) working groups for spec discussions and implementation discussions in Higgins. Move to OASIS in long term. 

4. R-card discussion at IIW - Paul raised this topic that also came up in discussion circles at RSA. 
  • Planning to have a session at IIW around address change user case for r-card, and how they can work with OATH, protect serve and other protocols. 
  • The goal would be to try to layer on top of OATH as much as possible. 
  • Would like to bring interested parties together at IIW to have this discussion. 

[1] http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I5_User-Centric_Identity_Interop_through_RSA_2009
[1b] http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I5:Information_Card_Identity_Selector_FeatureTest_Results
[1c] http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I5:Information_Card_Browser_Add-On_FeatureTest_Results
[2] http://informationcard.net/
[3] http://informationcard.net/card-projects
[4] http://informationcard.net/white-papers

Brian Walker
VP of Engineering