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RE: [higgins-dev] STS Build Instruction Notes

1. Yeah.
2. I mean "dep" on the STS: http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Token_Service_Dependencies.  Like I was telling Mary, it may only be the Axis Bundle TBD that's missing but I can't tell until I know what's in that bundle.
3. I mean Jim's build instructions here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Token_Service_Build_Instructions.  They are getting more and more stale as we change the build system and it'd be good to have them follow.  That is, they currently require verbal clarification due to build system changes.
4. 5. Right, I suppose we'll use a combo of these.


>>> "Paul Trevithick" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 01/31/07 9:16 AM >>>

Tom wrote:
> Mike,
> Mostly, my notes came down to dependencies, actualizing the instructions,
> and creating a single psf file to get started.  I haven't tried an ant
> build yet and there may be more notes there.  Also, do we have deployment
> instructions?  That'll be next for me.
> 1. We need an all encompassing psf file which gets all of the required STS
> components at once.

Yes. I would say it this way: all sub-projects of the Higgins Token Service
component. The Token Service now has a separate table here
(http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Components) that shows a total of 6

> 2. Complete the STS dependencies page so we know where to go to get the
> dependant jars and the correct versions.  Not all dependencies are listed.
> What other jars do we need and how do we get them?
> 3. Actualize the instructions page.

I presume you mean the "ide" and "cli" links pages (and thereby getting rid
of the current "instructions" link) shown here

> 4. Where do the dependant jars belong in the file system?

If they are third party and have been approved you have some choices: The
easiest/quickest thing to do is to just copy them into the "libs" subfolder
of each Higgins Eclipse project needs. (See better options in 5. below)

> 5. Easier ways to get dependant jars for any higgins project?  Is that
> what Orbit is for?

In the long run we will probably want to wrap each separate third party
lib/jar as a separate Eclipse plugin project. This is the "Eclipse Way"
because it provides the power of the extra metadata in the project's
manifest to help other projects that are dependent on this one manage
version compatibility.

And in the long run for any third party lib/jars that are of interest to
other projects (beyond Higgins). That is, the fairly generic ones, we
should, as Mary said, check them into Orbit.

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