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RE: [higgins-dev] Higgins Ontology Version

Thinking more about the new ontology, I'm not understanding how a CP would build it's own ontology where it subclasses DigitalSubject with something like a Person class where that Person class is:
- Required to have an attribute statement which has a "bloodType" value
- Allowed to have an attribute statement which has a "eyeColor" value
- Disallowed from having attribute statements containing other values
(note that this is basically the type of thing an LDAP schema does -- defines classes and the required/optional attributes they include)
I think any subclass of DigitalSubject is allowed to have a hasAttributeStatement property. Where the range of hasAttributeProperty is AttributeStatement, I don't know how one would place restrictions on that (i.e. say that hasAttributeProperty for a person may only be in the range of something like bloodTypeAttributeStatement or eyeColorAttributeStatement.
It's likely that I'm just confused.

>>> "Paul Trevithick" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/29/06 8:46 PM >>>
An updated version (0.5.0) of the Higgins ontology is now available here:
http://spwiki.editme.com/HigginsOntology for review. As this page describes
it has not yet been published to the URL, but is only attached to the page.
The changes from 0.4.4 are described near the top of the page.