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Re: [henshin-dev] Fwd: Re: Bank Account Example update

Project "Pimp my exogenous transformation example" finished.

I added a Car Rental scenario in terms of an ecore model to be transformed by the oo2rdb transformation.


Am 21.02.2012 17:33, schrieb Stefan Jurack:
Hi all,

I added an OO2RDB example to our examples plugin. It makes extensive use of multi rules which turned out to work very well.
The transformation translates ecore models into instances of an rdb.ecore model.

However, the scenario is quite boring and I will pimp that up in short terms.

greetx, Stefan

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Hi all,

I already though of adding the common OO-->RDB scenario as (simple) exogenous transformation example. Therefore, I would create a simple RDB ecore model and let arbitrary Ecore files being transformed into instances of the RDB ecore model.

I will come up with a first version at the end of this week.

@Rok: You may also want to have a look at the ecore2genmodel transformation which actually *is* an exogenous transformation; its rather complex though.


Am 20.02.2012 07:45, schrieb Christian Krause:

we are aware of the issue and it will be fixed in the new version. The new version will be released in March. Thank you for your feed back anyway. We will also add an example of an exogenous transformation soon.

Best regards,

On 02/19/2012 08:35 PM, rok wrote:

I have the following issues when running the Bank Account Example using Henshin SDK 0.8.0 with Eclipse Indigo 3.7.1 on windows 7:
  • Preview is not working
  • Rule deleteAllAccounts is not working

I've updated to Henshin SDK 0.8.1 SNAPSHOT but the Bank Account Example files cannot be opened anymore (NPE).

Enclosed are the files for the Bank Account Example that works under SDK 0.8.1. I hope it helps someone.


  • I couldn't rename the model file. I think making the Eclipse "refactor" functionality work would be great.
  • Also, a simple working example of an exogenous transformation would be very much appreciated.

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