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[gmf-dev] Making the roadmap public, more committers/transparency. Re: QVTO and XPand, Questions by Aurélien Pupier on 26.09.2011

Dear Mickael
> Otherwise, are you already began the work? If not, when is it planned?

As mentioned they work full time, and this is the reason for the silence.

It would be very convenient for the GMF community to let them spend some time to be more verbose about the work in progress. If you have a roadmap, please share it with us. A lot of people have good ideas about GMF,

The plan is to let the roadmap grow through bugzillas, as it is the official process.

At the moment we are not short in good ideas, we even just finalize the initial design, largely influence by people like Artem.

As mentioned, the main problem right now is that the graph domain model to code model (genmodel) is not configurable, and thus lots of people created workarounds with additional frameworks or better templating. We now plan to finish the implementation of the initial design.

Did you submit ideas in Bugzillas, that have not been considered?

> and I'd like some more people to become contributors & committers on GMF Tooling.

So does everyone. We look for people who work on the project full time, have a stable sponsorship, and are ready to work with the team on a daily basis.

Anyone out there?

Honestly a jump from 0 FTE to 3 FTE seems to be more than enough for the moment.

            Transparency is necessary. The less silent you are, the healthier the /your project is ;)

I do not think that 3 FTEs  working full time on GMF Tooling will be silent, you will at least be able to hear the daily commits, postings to the newsgroup, e.t.c.  Especially since these are three senior people, having lots of experience.

Our sponsor has 40 people working on the subject, on 50 DSLs in parallel, not only GMF Tooling based but as well XText2 based. Thus they are just interested in the progress of the framework, its stability, and the productivity of the team of 3 FTE working on the framework. They did not ask to work on anything non-open-source or deviating from the traditional GMF Tooling roadmap.

Everything is very long term and strategic.

Regards, Philipp